Fetch.ai gets $5M from GDA Group; FET token integrated onto Fireblocks crypto platform

CryptoNinjas » Fetch.ai gets $5M from GDA Group; FET token integrated onto Fireblocks crypto platform
Fetch.ai, a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab building an open-access decentralized machine learning network for smart infrastructure, announced today that the GDA Group & affiliates will invest 5 million into the Fetch ecosystem. In conjunction with the newest injection of funds, FET, Fetch.ai’s native token, will also be added to Fireblocks’ secure wallet and infrastructure platform.
The allocation of funds will be used for the research and development of Fetch.ai’s existing applications as well as those in the pipeline.
Fetch.ai + Funding + Fireblocks Offering a decentralized framework for building and customizing autonomous AI agents to carry out complex coordination tasks, the Fetch.ai platform is powered by its native token FET; which acts as the primary medium of exchange across the Fetch.ai ecosystem and a range of applications.
The Fetch.ai team has a strong track record of both public and private partnerships including a decentralized, multi-agent-based system that is integrated with over 700,000 hotels, and the powering of a decentralized marketplace for the global manufacturer Festo.
Funding from GDA Group & affiliates into the Fetch ecosystem paired with FET’s integration onto the Fireblocks infrastructure platform; which currently supports 200 enterprise and institutional customers, points to institutional interest in the Fetch.ai ecosystem.
This new investment will be distributed over a period of time, decided upon by the aforementioned; and will come with additional funding from interested capital partners during 2021.
“Fetch.ai’s integration with Fireblocks and the investment we have received from GDA group & affiliates could not have come at a more opportune time. With the Fireblocks integration, Fetch now has the necessary infrastructure to bring on institutional capital and strategic support, a moment realized and acted upon by G..

Komodo works with DOGE community to launch DogeDEX

CryptoNinjas » Komodo works with DOGE community to launch DogeDEX
Komodo, an open cryptocurrency project and blockchain solutions provider, is uniting Shibas worldwide on DogeDEX, a peer-to-peer decentralized exchange powered by the AtomicDEX engine. DogeDEX has already amassed 3,000 downloads and 179,212 swaps of DOGE since its limited release on March 1st.
“Crypto, like the internet, is so much about community and Dogecoin is the currency of the internet. Decentralized exchanges and non-custodial wallets are a few of our specialties and we want to enable Shiba’s considerable fanbase to trade crypto with the very latest technology – atomic swaps,” Said Kadan Stadelmann, CTO at Komodo who created the AtomicDEX engine that will power DogeDEX.
DogeDEX: Shiba-powered Dogecoin wallet and decentralized exchange. DogeDEX powered by Komodo The DogeDEX is designed with usability in mind so users can sign up and trade within minutes, all updates to the underlying AtomicDEX engine will automatically update the DogeDEX too, to ensure it remains as efficient and advanced as possible.
The DogeDEX will be available on desktop, via browser, and mobile app. It will also double up as a non-custodial wallet so users can store crypto safely via the platform, and the Komodo engineers are building a fiat on-ramp in the next month so cryptocurrency purchases can be made directly on DogeDEX.
Atomic swaps enable traders to exchange crypto directly, peer-to-peer, without the need for a third party or intermediary.
This permissionless and decentralized system captures the essence of blockchain technology; democratic and transparent record-keeping where the users themselves retain custody.
Komodo performed the very first DOGE to ETH atomic swap back in 2017, having a vested interest in this native internet currency.
CryptoNinjas » Komodo works with DOGE community to launch DogeDEX

pxGold: The first tradable synthetic asset commodity on PerlinX

CryptoNinjas » pxGold: The first tradable synthetic asset commodity on PerlinX
PerlinX, a decentralized liquidity pool & synthetic asset generation platform, has announced the launch of pxGold; a synthetic asset designed to track the price of 1 fine troy ounce of gold fully collateralized by PERL token.
pxGold gives users exposure directly to the price of gold price; without going through banks and centralized exchange with all the middlemen fees.
Features of pxGold Low Fees: Trading in a decentralized market mitigates all middlemen fees imposed by other exchanges. Easy Access: PxGold is tradable and mintable 24/7; regardless of market trading hours. Fractional Orders: Executing fractional orders in traditional finance requires some complexities and additional waiting time. The order volume on the blockchain is represented simply as a number, and therefore saves on processing time. The first pxGold is set to expire at the end of May 2021. This means pxGold will go through settlement and each pxGold will be redeemable for PERL worth 1 fine troy ounce of gold at the time of expiry (1430 UTC May 31, 2021).
PerlinX is a decentralized synthetic liquidity pool that supports the creation and trade of synthetic assets. PxAssets and Collateral Type “PxAssets are synthetic assets that track the price of anything; fully backed by PERL or other approved collateral. We have implemented a new off-chain governance mechanism for our community to participate in proposing new pxAsset ideas. Participating in this governance does not require any fees including gas fees, unlike on-chain governance mechanisms. In addition to new pxAssets, the community is welcome to propose the use of a new collateral type for new pxAssets.”
– The PerlinX Team
PERL holders can propose new pxAssets and new collateral types at https://vote.perlinx.finance.
CryptoNinjas » pxGold: The first tradable synthetic asset commodity on PerlinX

Beacon Fund leads $1.5M round in decentralized social media app Capsule

CryptoNinjas » Beacon Fund leads $1.5M round in decentralized social media app Capsule
Beacon Fund, a dedicated crypto fund by Polychain Capital focused on growing the DFINITY Internet Computer, announced it has led a $1.5 million round in Capsule, a decentralized social media platform.
This adds to the pre-seed investment of $100,000 coming from angel investors including former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan, William J. Pulte, and Wamda Capital. The funds will be used to build out the team, get a prototype of the product up and running, as well as launch mobile applications.
Last September, Polychain Capital publicly debuted its Beacon fund — a $14.5 million investment vehicle funded by Polychain, Andreessen Horowitz, and the DFINITY Foundation.
The Fund has focused on entrepreneurs and teams building on the Internet Computer — a blockchain computer that runs at web speed with infinite capacity.
Capsule Founder Nadim Kobeissi has expressed concern about giant private corporations having unilateral power to shape internet speech — whether takedown decisions are being made by Twitter’s trust and safety lead or Amazon Web Services revoking access to the public internet.
“I am delighted with the extremely fast response in both backers and believers in what we are trying to achieve. It speaks to the concerns of many creators and free speech advocates. We are aiming to create decentralized discourse in a world where we believe it is badly needed.”
– Nadim Kobeissi, Founder of Capsule
The Internet Computer, DFINITY’s public compute platform, aims to allow decentralized services like Capsule to return to an era of permissionless innovation, which gave rise to Netscape, Napster, eBay, Google, Amazon.com, etc, before the monopolization of the internet and proliferation of proprietary, insecure server farms and platforms controlled by Big Tech.
CryptoNinjas » Beacon Fund leads $1.5M round in decentralized social media app Capsule

NEM integrates Digital Markets for custom security token management on Symbol blockchain

CryptoNinjas » NEM integrates Digital Markets for custom security token management on Symbol blockchain
NEM Group, the main supporter of the development of Symbol, an enterprise blockchain, today announced integration with Digital Markets (DIGTL), to provide full custody and issuance support for NEM’s Symbol platform upon launch this month.
Symbol users will benefit from Digital Markets’ services for managing the full lifecycle of security tokens and other digital assets including tokenization and issuance, compliance and reporting, and unique to Digital Markets, sponsoring listings on regulated stock exchanges for public offerings (IPOs) and secondary trading accessible to global retail investors.
“With Symbol launching later this month, we are proud to further strengthen the digital asset ecosystem by connecting into a network of digital securities exchanges with fully compliant digital asset custody and issuance services. Digital Markets supports direct access to regulated stock exchanges and is a trusted global partner for the issuance of publicly listed digital assets. Our integration with Digital Markets opens access to the growing demand for digital securities across the globe.”
– Dave Hodgson, CIO of NEM Group and Managing Director of NEM Ventures
Partnership This partnership between NEM and Digital Markets will enable users to issue, custody, manage and customize security tokens on Symbol alongside their proprietary STACS digital securities blockchain.
As a listing sponsor to federally registered and regulated stock exchanges; users will be able to leverage the regulatory-compliant services of Digital Markets to ensure secure security token delivery and maintenance. To complement this offering, Digital Markets also provides investment banking-style advisory and trading services to guide firms throughout the entire process of their digital asset lifecycle.
Led by James Wallace and Kyle Fry, Digital Markets provides open access to a digital securities m..

Cross-chain Polkadot bridge Darwinia collaborates with decentralized storage network Crust

CryptoNinjas » Cross-chain Polkadot bridge Darwinia collaborates with decentralized storage network Crust
Darwinia Network, an open, cross-chain bridge protocol built on Substrate, today announced it will collaborate with Crust Network. an incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, to further strengthen the Polkadot ecosystem.
The Darwinia decentralized cross-chain bridge will facilitate the efficient multi-chain circulation of Crust ecosystem assets. This will also enable access of Crust’s data store storage and computing services to Ethereum, BSC, and other public chains.
By joining forces, Darwinia Network can reap the benefits of using Crusts’ turn-key, Web3 decentralized storage network. Additionally, Darwinia ecosystem cross-chain game Evolution Land will integrate Crust PolkaPet NFT to add Gamefi mining efficiency.
Darwinia Network As an open, cross-chain bridge protocol built on Substrate, the “Golden Gate Bridge” of cross-chain ecology; Darwinia Network provides a secure, universal bridging solution that helps realize cross-chain asset management among heterogeneous chains such as Polkadot, Ethereum, and BSC.
Darwinia Network has won many honors and recognitions on the road to building a decentralized bridge chain. The project forms part of the Polkadot white paper and was selected to join the Substrate Builder Program and Web 3.0 training camp.
Tools and products developed by Darwinia have received three W3F Grants, and the project was formally recognized by Parity for its outstanding technological achievements. Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, has praised Darwinia as one of the “most noteworthy Polkadot ecological projects”.
Crust Network Crust implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage. It is adaptable to multiple storage layer protocols such as IPFS, and provides support for the application layer. Crust’s architecture also has the capability of supporting a decentralized computing layer and a decentralized clou..

Privacy blockchain Concordium raises $15M in token sale and completes MVP testnet

CryptoNinjas » Privacy blockchain Concordium raises $15M in token sale and completes MVP testnet
Privacy-centric blockchain Concordium, today announced it has finalized its MVP testnet and concluded a private sale of tokens to fund further development. The company secured $15 million in additional funding for its public and permissionless compliance-ready privacy-centric blockchain.
Late last month, Concordium announced joint venture cooperation between Concordium and Geely Group; a Fortune 500 company and automotive technology firm. The partnership will focus on building blockchain-based services on Concordium’s enterprise-focused chain.
Concordium recently completed testnet 4, which saw over 2,300 self-sovereign identities issued and over 7,000 accounts created, with more than 1,000 active nodes, 800 bakers, and over 3,600 wallet downloads. The successful testnet led to the release of Concordium smart contracts functionality based on RustLang; with a select group of community members participating in stress-testing the network. Test deployments for smart contracts included gaming, crowdfunding, time-stamping, and voting.
“The interest of the community, from RustLang developers, VCs, system integrators, family offices, crypto service providers, and private persons, has been amazing. Concordium has fielded strong demand from DeFi projects looking to build on a blockchain with ID at the protocol level.”
– Concordium CEO, Lone Fonss Schroder
Concordium will bring its blockchain technology for broad use, which also appeals to enterprises with protocol-level ID protected by zero-knowledge proofs and stable transaction costs to support predictable, fast, and secure transactions.
Its core scientific team is made up of renowned researchers Dr. Torben Pedersen, creator of the Pedersen commitment, and Prof. Ivan Damgård, father of the Merkel-Damgård Construct.
The Concordium team intends to announce its post-mainnet roadmap in the coming days.
CryptoNinjas » Privacy ..

Crypto derivatives exchange Bit.com adds Request For Quote (RFQ) function via Paradigm

CryptoNinjas » Crypto derivatives exchange Bit.com adds Request For Quote (RFQ) function via Paradigm
Bit.com, a cryptocurrency derivative exchange by Matrixport, today announced a new partnership with Paradigm, a crypto OTC liquidity network. Together, the two entities are launching a fully-automated Request For Quote (RFQ) protocol on Bit.com.
This new RFQ protocol will provide on-demand liquidity for large-size orders and competitive pricing for the following structures:

Single-leg structures (Outright Calls, Puts, and Futures) for BTC and ETH Multi-leg structures for BTC and ETH options/futures (such as Straddles, Strangles, Call and Put Spreads, and even future spreads) -Coming soon: Single and multi-leg structures for BCH Bit.com/Paradigm RFQ allows traders to simultaneously request two-way quotes from multiple dealers without revealing their identity or trade direction and then instantly execute on the best bid/offer.
Paradigm aggregates prices and displays the best bid/offer on Bit.com; execution is confirmed on Paradigm and settled within the user’s Bit.com account.
“With more financial institutions entering the crypto market, RFQ will play an important role in the growth of institutional crypto options trading by providing a single point of access to multi-dealer, block liquidity.”
– The Bit.com Team
CryptoNinjas » Crypto derivatives exchange Bit.com adds Request For Quote (RFQ) function via Paradigm

Unstoppable Domains announces highest price sale of a domain name NFT ever recorded

CryptoNinjas » Unstoppable Domains announces highest price sale of a domain name NFT ever recorded
Unstoppable Domains, a company building blockchain domain names, has announced the sale of its “win.crypto” blockchain domain NFT for a record $100,000 USD. The sale — which occurred on March 3, 2021 — stands alone as the most expensive domain name NFT ever recorded.
In line with the spiking NFT market growth, Unstoppable Domains unveiled its 94 premium sports and gaming NFTs for public sale, with domain name NFT offerings including “win.crypto”, “baseball.crypto” and “gambling.crypto”. Within the first three days of March, Unstoppable Domains was able to facilitate the largest domain name NFT sale in history with the “win.crypto” blockchain domain.
“The NFT market is experiencing unprecedented growth, and is drawing more attention to the space,” said Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains. “While most people assume NFTs are digital art, the reality is there are a substantial number of NFT use cases that don’t center around art — like domain names. Domain name NFTs, much like .com names can act as homes for decentralized websites, in addition to replacing complex cryptocurrency wallet addresses with a human-readable name.”
Following the successful sale of the premium sports and gaming domain name NFTs, Unstoppable Domains will unveil a new batch of premium domain names on a weekly basis, with categories spanning travel and transportation to electronics and finance. Premium domain names are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
The record sale of the “win.crypto” blockchain domain comes on the heels of Unstoppable Domains’ February announcement that allows any internet browser access to the .crypto extension just like a .com to view a decentralized website with a single DNS setting change.
To date, Unstoppable Domains has registered over 540,000 domain names.
CryptoNinjas » Unstoppable Domains announces highest price sale of a domain name NFT ever record..

AIKON launching new multi-sig crypto wallet backed by Coincover, underwritten by Lloyds of London

CryptoNinjas » AIKON launching new multi-sig crypto wallet backed by Coincover, underwritten by Lloyds of London
AIKON, a blockchain identity service provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Coincover to develop its new flagship product — ORE Vault, which includes its cryptocurrency theft insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London.
ORE Vault is an easy-to-use enterprise-grade crypto wallet with built-in multi-sig features. Enterprises will be able to create multiple user wallets and assign transaction authorization and permissions; with flexible company departmental and employee requirements. Authentication policies can be created for each wallet, promoting transparency of transactions and wallet usage patterns.
Furthermore, ORE Vault enables enterprises with uninterrupted access to funds on multiple blockchains; and full control over their digital assets, passcodes, and private wallet keys. AIKON provides ORE Vault with non-custodial and hybrid wallets, fund security, and blockchain-innate personal information privacy.
“Multisig wallets are the gold standard of security in the world of cryptocurrency, but there’s always room for human error. Partnering with Coincover to offer an insurance-backed guarantee, Aikon allows companies to give their customers peace of mind in this dynamic, but intimidating new industry,” said Marc Blinder, CEO, AIKON.
Given the risks commonly associated with holding digital assets, and the rapidly increasing number of enterprises now holding cryptocurrencies, AIKON released its premium ORE Vault feature set with Coincover’s FCA-regulated crypto-asset insurance-backed guarantee underwritten by Lloyd’s of London to solve market risk issues and assuage robust market demand for secure enterprise-grade crypto storage and management.
David Janczewski, Co-Founder, and CEO of Coincover, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with AIKON to provide theft cover as part of their ORE Vault offering. AIKON customers can now be eve..