Crypto trading firm Standard Custody receives charter status to operate as a custodian in New York

CryptoNinjas » Crypto trading firm Standard Custody receives charter status to operate as a custodian in New York
Standard Custody & Trust Company, a custody and settlement platform for crypto-assets, announced that it has received charter status under New York State Banking Law as a regulated qualified custodian.
The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) charter permits Standard Custody to offer custodial and escrow services for clients seeking to unlock the value of digital assets and open new investment opportunities across the world of decentralized finance.
Standard Custody’s security program combines proprietary blockchain technology, end-to-end encryption, and distributed trust protocols to protect secret keys. Standard Custody’s integrated escrow platform enables investors to buy and sell digital assets directly from custody; reducing the risk of external transfers and inefficient transactions between multiple accounts and different providers.
“Earning our trust bank charter from the New York State Department of Financial Services is a testament to Standard Custody’s regulatory and compliance excellence. Standard Custody is the only custodian to utilize third-party transaction verification; and build its platform on a combination of ‘smart’ hardware security modules and novel blockchain technology; resulting in a revolutionary ‘better than cold storage’ institutional custody solution.”
– Standard Custody CEO, Jack McDonald
In granting this charter, NYDFS conducted a comprehensive review of Standard Custody’s business; including the company’s front-to-back security and its operational flows, as well as its comprehensive compliance programs, policies, and procedures.
Jack McDonald (CEO of Standard Custody); formerly served as CEO of Conifer Financial Services, an independent asset services firm acquired by SS&C. Cryptocurrency veteran Arthur Britto designed the next-generation technical solutions for Standard Custody and parent company ..

Crypto infrastructure platform METACO integrates Tezos (XTZ) staking functionality

CryptoNinjas » Crypto infrastructure platform METACO integrates Tezos (XTZ) staking functionality
METACO, a provider of infrastructure to the crypto-asset ecosystem, announced today it has integrated with Tezos, the decentralized public blockchain that upgrades itself.
One of the original proof-of-stake blockchain protocols, METACO has added support for XTZ; the native token of the Tezos ecosystem into Harmonize, the company’s digital asset orchestration system.
Support will enable institutions to manage a wide range of functionalities on the Tezos blockchain; including staking capabilities, via both delegated staking services, which allow clients to generate low-interest rewards from joining shared staking pools, or staking directly to dedicated validators.
“Integrating Tezos, a leading proof-of-stake blockchain into our orchestration system demonstrates our industry-leading innovation in delivering clients the cutting-edge technology and flexibility they need to stay apace with the rapidly evolving digital asset ecosystem.”
– Adrien Treccani, CEO and Founder at METACO
METACO Harmonize offers a single gateway for storing, trading, and managing tokens across the DeFi ecosystem. Tezos (XTZ) integrated into METACO Harmonize METACO Harmonize provides an end-to-end solution for functionalities on Tezos and other major proof-of-stake and DeFi protocols, including; Aave, Uniswap, and Compound, making METACO a preeminent choice for institutions looking to incorporate staking and DeFi into their digital asset use-case.
Tezos was one of the first protocols to use proof-of-stake consensus, designed to be truly scalable, decentralized, and empower network stakeholders. A self-upgradable blockchain, Tezos (XTZ) enables innovation through a governance structure that allows stakeholders to vote on changes to the network.
CryptoNinjas » Crypto infrastructure platform METACO integrates Tezos (XTZ) staking functionality

SmartZip to supply its proprietary real estate data through new Chainlink node

CryptoNinjas » SmartZip to supply its proprietary real estate data through new Chainlink node
SmartZip, a provider of predictive analytics enabling developers to integrate the most comprehensive real estate database into their applications including property values, rental rates, probability of selling, and more, announced today the launch of their own node on Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network.
The Chainlink node will serve as secure blockchain middleware, that makes existing SmartZip APIs compatible across different blockchain networks.
Through this new Chainlink node, SmartZip can supply their proprietary real estate data including property prices, rental rates, regional trends, and predictive pricing models to blockchain-powered applications. Additionally, the Chainlink node cryptographically signs all data broadcasted on the blockchain, giving users cryptographic proof of the data’s integrity as originating from a SmartZip API.
Expanding SmartZip’s reach as a data provider, the Chainlink node extends SmartZip’s datasets into emerging blockchain markets, while provisioning new types of real estate products and markets. Developers can use SmartZip’s data to produce data-driven smart contract applications that settle prediction markets centered around future house values, calculate the value of NFTs that represents real estate or supply trusted benchmarks before executing trades of tokenized properties.
SmartZip Expanding Services to the Chainlink Network SmartZip’s proprietary predictive analytics model aggregates data from 24 sources and contains over 1 billion data points on residential real estate, including up-to-date market valuations, rental incomes, and other key data points… With blockchain’s ability to both digitize real estate as tokenized assets and reduce middleman inefficiencies in the industry, there is a growing opportunity to bring SmartZip’s premium real estate data on-chain and support these new markets.
Because blockchains are inten..

Privacy-based Syntropy VPN has launched

CryptoNinjas » Privacy-based Syntropy VPN has launched
Syntropy (formerly NOIA), creators of a secure, user-centric cloud stack through a unifying layer where the encryption & optimized performance are built-in, announced today the launch of Syntropy VPN, a personal, private VPN that puts the user in charge.
Traditional VPNs add an encryption overlay on top of the public internet, but there are drawbacks…
VPNs often compromise connection performance, and the exact encryption method isn’t always known to users. Some VPN providers log, sell, and exploit user data. Ultimately, when using a commercial VPN solution; users must trust them with their privacy and connection performance; as there is little control over the servers that relay traffic. “With Syntropy VPN, you can easily deploy and fully control private VPN infrastructure in any location worldwide. All connections you make will be fully encrypted with Wireguard, the fastest and most modern VPN protocol today. You can surf the web without compromising performance or privacy.”
– The Syntropy Team
With Syntropy VPN, data is end-to-end encrypted, not visible to anyone. Click here to learn more about setting up and deploying a Syntropy VPN.
CryptoNinjas » Privacy-based Syntropy VPN has launched

Bitcoin smart contract platform RSK sees TVL of 1,445K BTC driven by Sovryn DeFi app launch

CryptoNinjas » Bitcoin smart contract platform RSK sees TVL of 1,445K BTC driven by Sovryn DeFi app launch
RSK Network, a smart contract platform secured by Bitcoin, announced today it has surpassed Lighting Network (LN) total value locked (TVL) in Bitcoin (BTC), and now stands at 1,445 BTC locked.
This achievement is key for the RIF (RSK Infrastructure Framework) economy as RSK and Bitcoin are its foundation. RIF’s suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols enables faster, easier and scalable development of distributed applications within a unified environment. The surge of BTC locked on RSK paves the way for accelerating RIF economy growth.
Sovryn Pushes DeFi Adoption on RSK One of the main factors driving the rise of user interest and TVL on RSK is the successful launch of Sovryn, the Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano backed Bitcoin-based decentralized trading and lending platform. Sovryn (SOV) trading commenced on April 13th, the same day Sovryn announced a $9 million investment.
Built on RSK, Sovryn provides native/non-custodial trading and lending of BTC Users can trade long or short with up to 5x leverage, it enables holders of BTC, USDT and the Dollar on Chain (DOC) stablecoin to earn interest by lending their assets. They can also take advantage of low-cost, low slippage swaps between BTC, USDT, and DOC using the Sovryn DEX with automated market-makers.
“The launch of Sovryn, which provides native and noncustodial trading and lending of BTC, represents a major step forward for DeFi projects built on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has driven amazing growth on the RSK blockchain. We are very excited about the future of the platform which has proven to fulfill a need in the Defi space. Bitcoin is the center of gravity for the entire crypto economy. Layer-2 innovations will only increase its reach. When people think of Bitcoin layer-2, most think of Lightning Network. Sidechains are a powerful complement to Lightning and are gaining remarkable user tracti..

OccamRazer teams with Bondly to enhance DeFi and NFT capabilities on Cardano blockchain

CryptoNinjas » OccamRazer teams with Bondly to enhance DeFi and NFT capabilities on Cardano blockchain
OccamRazer, a decentralized launchpad designed for the Cardano ecosystem, and Bondly, an interoperable/portable swap protocol empowering the next-generation of non-fungible token (NFT) creators, have announced a new strategic partnership.
Together, the organizations will explore development synergies within the growing NFT market for Cardano, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform. The goal is to enhance its DeFi capabilities; while bringing forward high-quality projects via the OccamRazer and Bondly Launchpads.
“Bondly has emerged as an NFT leader and together, we believed our partnership; and by extension, the Cardano ecosystem is a natural fit. Together, we will pursue opportunities to incubate NFT startups and bring high-quality projects across our respective launchpad infrastructure.”
– Mark Berger, President of the Occam Association
Bondly + OccamRazer Bondly has gathered deep experience in the NFT market; an area of growth, yet still untapped potential for Cardano. As mentioned above, it is expected that the best and most disruptive NFT projects can be accelerated via IDO raises on the OccamRazer Launchpad.
“Through a combination of our NFT capabilities and’s DEX and launchpad technology; every collaborative project will be set up for multichain success. Our deep experience in the NFT market is a natural fit to rapidly grow the untapped potential for NFTs within the Cardano ecosystem.”
– Brandon Smith, CEO of Bondly
In December 2020, IOHK, the engineering company behind Cardano, announced a partnership with Bondly, with Dan Friedman, a business development manager at IOHK; serving as an advisor to the Bondly team.
OccamRazer has been built with the Cardano ecosystem in mind as the key fundraising vehicle and catalyst for the yet-to-emerge Cardano DApp universe. There are a number of killer features of OccamRazer. These stem from the cross-chain..

Crypto exchange Bitpanda Pro launches brand new Android app

CryptoNinjas » Crypto exchange Bitpanda Pro launches brand new Android app
Bitpanda Pro, a fully regulated EU-based crypto exchange, announced today that its brand-new Android app is now available in the Google Play store. The brand-new Bitpanda Pro Android app is a progressive web application; meaning it is an optimized website for use on mobile phones and tablets.
Moreover, the Bitpanda Pro app now offers traders automated updates; plus all of the features that they already have access to and use on the Bitpanda Pro web UI; including market orders, limit orders, advanced limit orders, and stop-limit orders.
Some of the other features of the Bitpanda Pro app for Android include the ability to easily check balances, scan price charts, view order books, and trade on the go. Furthermore, a feature to receive essential alerts via push notifications will soon be added.
CryptoNinjas » Crypto exchange Bitpanda Pro launches brand new Android app

Amber Group adds new swap and earn features on its crypto mobile app

CryptoNinjas » Amber Group adds new swap and earn features on its crypto mobile app
Amber Group, a crypto trading technology firm, announced today it has added new functions on Amber App; the company’s all-in-one crypto mobile app now includes ‘Swap’ and ‘Flexible Earn’ features.
Michael Wu, Amber Group “The Amber App has been a solution for many as it provides a way for users to access liquidity, earn yield, and manage risk across crypto-assets with speed and security.”
– Michael Wu, CEO of Amber Group
The Amber App is available on both iOS and Google Play.
Through the Amber App, users can now access the new Swap feature, which allows users to instantly swap between crypto tokens in under 3 seconds for a low 0.05% fee. App users will also be able to reference a comprehensive dashboard showing real-time pricing for multiple cryptocurrency assets.
Additionally, the Amber App now offers Flexible Earn, which allows users to instantly earn up to 5% APY on deposits. With daily interest distribution, users can benefit from compounding interest.
Existing users can already invest in the Fixed Earn product, which offers users up to 10% APY on either standardized or customizable subscriptions.
At the start of the year, Amber App added a new feature called ‘Yield Boost’ – an easy-to-use investment tool for users to monetize their market view on major crypto-assets and earn an attractive return.
Corporate clients and institutions can also access similar flexible and fixed savings products on the Amber Pro web platform as well as a number of additional financial management tools including OTC secured lending and margin trading.
CryptoNinjas » Amber Group adds new swap and earn features on its crypto mobile app

Secret Network (SCRT) receives $11.5M investment led by Arrington Capital and BlockTower Capital

CryptoNinjas » Secret Network (SCRT) receives $11.5M investment led by Arrington Capital and BlockTower Capital
Secret Network, a privacy-enabled layer-1 blockchain that utilizes hardware and software-based privacy technologies to protect data, announced today that multiple organizations have acquired large positions in SCRT, the native coin of the Secret Network blockchain, totaling $11.5 million.
The investment was led by Arrington Capital and BlockTower Capital and also include Spartan Group and Skynet Trading. These funds and liquidity providers will help support the growth of privacy-preserving applications on Secret Network, including its DeFi and NFT ecosystems.
These investors join other major funds already participating in the Secret Network ecosystem, including Outlier Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, and Hashed, as well as key ecosystem contributors such as Secret Foundation and Enigma MPC and experienced node operators such as Figment and Staked.
The aim is to grow user and developer adoption of Secret Network and its applications, as well as Secret Network’s growing front-running resistant, privacy-first decentralized financial ecosystem (Secret DeFi).
In addition, leading liquidity provider Skynet Trading will in the future continue providing liquidity to SCRT on multiple exchanges.
Privacy + Cosmos SDK Secret Network’s blockchain features privacy-preserving smart contracts, which launched on mainnet in September 2020. This means all decentralized applications built on Secret Network have data privacy by default, helping protect users, boost security, and improve usability.
The Secret Network blockchain itself is based on Cosmos SDK / Tendermint, meaning the network has its own independent consensus, on-chain governance, and features like slashing and delegation. It is secured by the native coin Secret (SCRT), which must be staked by network validators and is used for transaction and computation fees as well as governance.
Data privacy is becoming a..

Braiins launches Braiins OS+ bitcoin mining farm management solution to the public

CryptoNinjas » Braiins launches Braiins OS+ bitcoin mining farm management solution to the public
Braiins, a bitcoin mining software company, today has announced the public availability and launch of its brand new mining farm management solution, Braiins OS+.
Braiins OS+ is an entirely free management platform for Braiins OS+ miners; and will always be so for an unlimited number of devices. One of the key features is that it is cloud-based, so users can easily manage and monitor their farms remotely. FarmGod is working on an enterprise solution with more up-to-date features that will eventually support additional hardware models and firmware; all of the essential features will be part of the Braiins OS+ Manager.
The manager has implemented the next-generation Stratum V2 protocol; which makes Braiins OS+ more efficient since data transfers are lighter and less frequent than Stratum V1. Further, it enables all configuration and telemetry data to be sent via encrypted connections; protecting miners against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.
“Since we first launched Braiins OS+ about a year ago; one of the top feature requests has been a solution for easily monitoring and batch configuring devices. Together with FarmGod, we’ve been working on making this a reality. Today, after months of private testing and tinkering, we’re excited to begin offering the Braiins OS+ Manager publicly for anybody with Antminer S9s running Braiins OS+. We are also working on a substantial update for the Antminer X17 family of devices, which will include support for Braiins OS+ Manager.”
– The Braiins Team
CryptoNinjas » Braiins launches Braiins OS+ bitcoin mining farm management solution to the public