AIKON launching new multi-sig crypto wallet backed by Coincover, underwritten by Lloyds of London

CryptoNinjas » AIKON launching new multi-sig crypto wallet backed by Coincover, underwritten by Lloyds of London
AIKON, a blockchain identity service provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Coincover to develop its new flagship product — ORE Vault, which includes its cryptocurrency theft insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London.
ORE Vault is an easy-to-use enterprise-grade crypto wallet with built-in multi-sig features. Enterprises will be able to create multiple user wallets and assign transaction authorization and permissions; with flexible company departmental and employee requirements. Authentication policies can be created for each wallet, promoting transparency of transactions and wallet usage patterns.
Furthermore, ORE Vault enables enterprises with uninterrupted access to funds on multiple blockchains; and full control over their digital assets, passcodes, and private wallet keys. AIKON provides ORE Vault with non-custodial and hybrid wallets, fund security, and blockchain-innate personal information privacy.
“Multisig wallets are the gold standard of security in the world of cryptocurrency, but there’s always room for human error. Partnering with Coincover to offer an insurance-backed guarantee, Aikon allows companies to give their customers peace of mind in this dynamic, but intimidating new industry,” said Marc Blinder, CEO, AIKON.
Given the risks commonly associated with holding digital assets, and the rapidly increasing number of enterprises now holding cryptocurrencies, AIKON released its premium ORE Vault feature set with Coincover’s FCA-regulated crypto-asset insurance-backed guarantee underwritten by Lloyd’s of London to solve market risk issues and assuage robust market demand for secure enterprise-grade crypto storage and management.
David Janczewski, Co-Founder, and CEO of Coincover, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with AIKON to provide theft cover as part of their ORE Vault offering. AIKON customers can now be eve..

Crypto custodian Copper’s systems designed to minimize counterparty risk — gunnercooke

CryptoNinjas » Crypto custodian Copper’s systems designed to minimize counterparty risk — gunnercooke
Copper, a blockchain asset infrastructure provider, today announced it has obtained a legal opinion from gunnercooke which confirms that Copper has included in its Vault Account crypto-asset custody solution systems and controls designed to minimize the level of counterparty risk to which its clients are exposed.
The law firm’s evaluation involved consideration of the range of different systems and controls put in place by Copper to protect cryptoassets, which are held in segregated wallets dedicated for sole use by that client, including:
The private key used to transfer crypto-assets out of the segregated wallets is split into three parts, two of which are required to make a transaction, and Copper only has access to one of these parts. Ensuring that Copper’s documentation is designed to keep the legal title with Copper’s client rather than transferring legal title to Copper. The use of optical air-gaps to create a physical separation between the internet and the vault, which can only be crossed using a QR code. Policies for closely controlling potentially sensitive data. The ability to require a co-signature process be completed before making withdrawals. Obtaining insurance cover. Obtaining external coding audits to validate the security standards that have been put in place. Edward Black at gunnercooke said: “We are delighted to have worked with Copper on this project, which shows a serious commitment by Copper to explaining how Copper seeks to mitigate the risks to its clients inherent in taking custody of cryptoassets. We believe that a core part of trusting any crypto custodian with cryptoassets is having a clear understanding of how they protect those assets. The requirements for keeping cryptoassets secure are continually evolving, and trying to solve the issues involved is no easy task. What was particularly interesting in providing this opinion was to..

Seafood tracing app Tracey integrates DeFi with Binance Smart Chain and EasyFi

CryptoNinjas » Seafood tracing app Tracey integrates DeFi with Binance Smart Chain and EasyFi
Tracey, a seafood tracing app project, today announced the integration of several DeFi and CeFi lenders. Tracey helps small-scale fishers in emerging markets gain access to finance by sharing verified information on their seafood catch and trade data. The trade data is used by DeFi and CeFi lenders to ascertain creditworthiness and offer suitable micro-finance based on the eligibility of the borrower.
By integrating with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Tracey users will gain access to lenders within the BSC ecosystem. The EasyFi lending protocol joins as an additional lender. EasyFi will conduct creditworthiness analysis and offer micro-finance through its own lending ecosystem. UnionBank, an already existing partner of the Tracey project, will continue offering CeFi lending solutions. In addition to enabling lending services, BSC will be used as the project’s blockchain solution.
The micro-SME market has traditionally been excluded from institutional finance due to the difficulty of ascertaining the creditworthiness of individuals who often hold no bank accounts. The financial product being integrated will enable De-Fi lenders to provide further liquidity into this highly untapped market. Expanding to crypto lending in the Tracey project removes the geographical barriers to scaling the product. Through this collaboration, the Tracey solution will be able to facilitate lending in 180+ countries.
Pilot Binance will participate in several rounds of pilots, the first of which is taking place this month in the Philippines for the WWF-led Fisheries Improvement program. Post-pilot, the product has the potential to roll out to other small-scale operators in FIP sites (Fishery Improvement Projects) as well as AIPs (Aquaculture Improvement Projects) around the world, and later, to support other micro-SME markets.
“TX is engineering value from data to deliver solutions that help solv..

Crypto hedge fund ARK36 to execute orders with crypto prime broker SheeldMarket

CryptoNinjas » Crypto hedge fund ARK36 to execute orders with crypto prime broker SheeldMarket
Cyprus-regulated crypto hedge fund ARK36, today announced it has partnered with France-based prime brokerage SheeldMarket in order to execute orders for a variety of crypto-assets.
ARK36 will maintain custody of its assets within the broker’s compliant and insured infrastructure; while accessing liquidity through SheeldMarket’s algorithmic execution services.
“We are constantly exploring the space to ensure we provide Best Execution and in SheeldMarket we saw the kind of high-end solution that can ensure rapid and precise execution of orders while also offering the protection of funds demanded by our investors.”
– Ulrik Lykke, Co-Founder at ARK36
CryptoNinjas » Crypto hedge fund ARK36 to execute orders with crypto prime broker SheeldMarket

DeversiFi introduces fast withdrawals feature between L2 and L1 Ethereum

CryptoNinjas » DeversiFi introduces fast withdrawals feature between L2 and L1 Ethereum
DeversiFi, an Ethereum-based crypto trading/exchange ecosystem, today announced it has collaborated with StarkWare to use, for the first time; a new type of L2 transaction known as a ‘conditional transfer’ – which makes possible interoperability between L2 and L1 Ethereum.
“We believe that conditional transfers will become one of the most important building blocks over the next year as DeFi begins to migrate over to L2s. The Ethereum community is rightly excited at the moment about L2s, but whether we are speaking about zk roll-ups, validiums, or optimistic roll-ups, interoperability between different applications and with Layer 1 is still a challenge that the ecosystem will need to overcome in order for DeFi to migrate.”
– The DeversiFi Team
How DeversiFi’s fast withdrawals functionality works:
The DeversiFi platform has enabled close to instant withdrawals using two components:
A new ‘conditional transfer’ transaction type, verified as part of the proof. A liquidity provider (which in this case is the same as the operator but in the future could be a pool of users earning fees). What else could the conditional transfer building block be used for?
According to the DeversiFi team, the most obvious use case for conditional transfers is to send funds directly to a regular Ethereum address on L1.
However, ultimately the ‘fact’ that is being registered on-chain in the Registry contract can attest to ANY type of transaction. The StarkEx verifier contract is able to therefore check any range of conditions attached to transfers.
Some examples include:
Deposits directly into Tornado Cash Deposits into Compound or Aave Arbitrage trades on L1 DEXs – note this enables aggregation and no-risk arbitrage between DeversiFi liquidity and i.e. Uniswap liquidity Direct transfers between different L2s, i.e. Loopring and DeversiFi Staking into ETH2 The DeversiFi fast withdrawals UI A couple..

Alpha Sigma Capital, DigiFinex, BitMart, Emirex and Everest join EmiSwap’s DAO

CryptoNinjas » Alpha Sigma Capital, DigiFinex, BitMart, Emirex and Everest join EmiSwap’s DAO
EmiSwap is the first product in the ecosystem of EmiDAO, an autonomous DAO designed with new ideas and advancements in DeFi. With the ESW governance token at the heart of the ecosystem, EmiDAO enables 100% of projects’ profit distribution among ESW token holders.
Members of the EmiDAO alliance are exposed to the ecosystem projects, launching with the first project EmiSwap, the members of EmiDAO vote on what new initiatives and projects to launch in the future.
The EmiDAO Alliance members include: Alpha Sigma Capital is an investment fund focused on emerging blockchain companies that are successfully building their user-base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems, and moving blockchain technology towards mass-adoption. ASC is focused on companies leveraging blockchain technology to provide value-add in areas such as fintech, AI, supply chain, and healthcare. “The EmiDAO ecosystem is an entry point for companies and projects that are interested in developing new projects and initiatives in DeFi. Decentralized finance is still in its early stages but with over $38 billion USD in DeFi systems alone, we are seeing more and more capital committed to these platforms and new ideas and initiatives that are innovative and compelling. EmiDAO will allow new participants and developers to leverage the platform in a true DAO environment.”
– Enzo Villani, Member of Alpha Sigma Capital
In addition to Alpha Sigma Capital, crypto exchanges DigiFinex, BitMart, and Emirex have joined EmiDAO to provide liquidity to the EmiSwap protocols and list the Emirex and ESW token on their exchanges. Further, Everest has also joined EmiDAO and is supporting the EmiSwap project with its global banking platform that will be integrating KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), whitelist-as-a-service, and fiat-in/out ramps.
DigiFinex is one of the world’s top cryp..

Akash Network’s MAINNET 2 decentralized open-source cloud now live

CryptoNinjas » Akash Network’s MAINNET 2 decentralized open-source cloud now live
Akash Network, a project out of Overclock Labs, today confirmed the successful launch of Akash MAINNET 2, an open-source cloud and viable decentralized cloud alternative to centralized cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
Empowering developers to break free from the limitations of traditional cloud infrastructure, Akash MAINNET 2 accelerates growth and scale in the blockchain ecosystem by users to decentralize their cloud infrastructure, deploying apps faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.
Through Akash’s platform, individuals, companies, and data centers with underutilized computing capacity will also be able to monetize and lease their cloud compute to those who need it, recouping the high costs of server maintenance and capital expenditure.
Recently, Akash announced an integration with Equinix Metal, the world’s largest data center and colocation infrastructure provider with 220 data centers in 25 countries, to expand access to global, low-latency, and powerful cloud infrastructure.
For the first time, developers will be able to launch applications such as DeFi apps, blogs, games, data visualizations, block explorers, blockchain nodes, and other blockchain network components on a decentralized cloud. Akash has announced integrations and partnerships with Tendermint, Cosmos, Cosmos’s Interchain Foundation, Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), Solana, Kava, and Chainlink.
“With the ongoing pandemic, we’re seeing more of people’s lives and work moving to the cloud. In the $370+ billion cloud computing market, MAINNET 2 provides a decentralized, faster, more efficient, and lower-cost option in the market. Akash MAINNET 2 propels our vision to enable high-growth blockchain companies and developers a viable alternative to centralized cloud services.”
– Greg Osuri, CEO of Akash Network

2-3 times lower in cost than the market, Akash’..

Swiss bank alternative CrescoFin introduces new liquidity mining program

CryptoNinjas » Swiss bank alternative CrescoFin introduces new liquidity mining program
Following the successful listing of its wCRES token, CrescoFin today announce a new liquidity mining program in cooperation with GYSR, a platform that allows projects to configure and deploy their own yield farm with just a few clicks.
CrescoFin is a regulated Swiss bank alternative. The core offer is an insured, interest-bearing product in fiat (cryptocurrencies to come) with higher rates than customers can find at traditional financial institutions. CRES – CrescoFin’s equity token – is matched 1:1 with shares in the company, and these tokens have full voting and dividend rights protected by Swiss law.
wCRES The wrapped version, wCRES, can be freely exchanged by anyone, just like a share certificate traded on an exchange. To incentivize liquidity provision of wCRES, CrescoFin is launching a Geyser on March 9th. The program will reward liquidity providers of the wCRES/ETH pair on the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange with up to 25000 wCRES over 4 months.
In order to claim a portion of these rewards, users must first provide an equivalent amount of wCRES and ETH to the wCRES pool on Uniswap. After receiving a correspondent amount of wCRES-ETH LP tokens in return, the LP tokens need to be staked on the GYSR platform. The staking of Uni V2 LP tokens on the GYSR platform is not locked.
Liquidity providers can choose to leave the program whenever they want. But since the rewards increase on a linear scale, liquidity providers that stay in for the entirety of the liquidity mining program receive a bigger reward.
“Our community is our most valuable asset, so it’s important to align incentives between CrescoFin and its tokenholders. Through liquidity mining, we hope to provide a vehicle for users to invest in the long-term value of the company and at the same time reward financial commitments and participation.”
– Derek Mayne, Managing Director and Co-Founder of CrescoFin

Besides Un..

Horizen and StakeHound partner to launch new DeFi bridge for ZEN token

CryptoNinjas » Horizen and StakeHound partner to launch new DeFi bridge for ZEN token
Horizen, a bl platform that enables businesses and developers to create their own public or private blockchains, today announced a partnership with StakeHound, a liquid staking enabler.
StakeHound will enable users to participate in the Ethereum-based DeFi ecosystem, while earning Horizen node staking rewards using stakedZEN (stZEN) – an ERC20 token issued by StakeHound as a 1-to-1 representation of a staked ZEN. Additionally, stZEN provides a seamless way for Ethereum-based DeFi users to join Horizen’s rapidly growing ecosystem.
“We are glad to partner with StakeHound, a project that places great emphasis on transparency and trust within their community and works with some of the highest integrity partners in the industry. Collaboration with StakeHound will provide our community with the highly anticipated on-ramp to the Ethereum-based DeFi ecosystem and enhance accessibility, usability, and attractiveness of ZEN for a wide variety of users.”
– Rob Viglione, Co-Founder of Horizen
StakeHound + ZEN stZEN is expected to be available on Sushiswap, a leading decentralized exchange, in late March 2021. In preparation for the launch, Stakehound released a publicly accessible test version of stZEN on the Ethereum Ropsten test network. It emulates how a typical user would acquire stZEN once it’s listed on a decentralized exchange on Ethereum.
This is only the first in a series of more exchanges expected to support stZEN in the coming future. Furthermore, stZEN users will always have the ability to swap their stZEN tokens with ZEN at a 1-to-1 ratio through StakeHound.
“By issuing stZEN, StakeHound is building a solid bridge between Ethereum’s DeFi and Horizen’s vastly distributed network and highly scalable blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, holders won’t only earn from staking rewards, but may also earn additional rewards from the transaction fees generated on the different sidechain..

How to Buy Liquidation Electronics

Looking for a product category to specialize in for your resale business? Electronics are easily one of the best products for online reselling, but also come with their own set of challenges. We’ll break down both the pros and cons of buying and reselling liquidation electronics.
What Makes Reselling Electronics Worthwhile? Consumer electronics are a big part of our daily lives—this makes them lucrative, in-demand inventory for reselling. The fact that there are so many smartwatches or activity trackers (for example) available, show the popularity of the product. Since a lot of people are purchasing these items, this allows resellers to move inventory fairly quickly.
Historically, video games, gaming consoles, and Apple products are also sought-after items that generate higher pricing. Since electronics tend to make for larger profits than other products, you’re right to think this is a good vertical for your resale business to tap into.
“Electronics” is the most popular category for both purchases and sales on Amazon. Amazon Prime Day 2020 data shows that 32% of U.S. Amazon Prime buyers purchased Amazon-branded electronics during the sales event—now imagine the demand for other big-name brands!
Sourcing liquidation electronics is a good way to get your hands on a lot of inventory at once and for a good price. There are tons of options for small business owners and resellers now. Whether you choose to go for refurbished/ overstock inventory, or through wholesalers or online liquidation sites, there are plenty of opportunities to earn a profit!
Bestselling Products in Electronics Amazon conveniently curates a bestsellers list that is updated hourly. This is a huge benefit to resellers as you can easily see what’s in demand and selling fast. Here are some of Amazon’s best sellers in electronics right now:
Fire TV Stick Amazon Smart Plug Roku Streaming Stick+ Echo Dot Smart Speaker, 4th Gen Fire 7 Tablet Echo Show 5 Wyze Smart Home Camera Kindle Paperwhite HP Com..